Replacement RB Parts

Payoff chart to difficult to read? Lost a deed? Need more play money?

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New Destination and Payoff Chart - Print It Yourself - - Order from Us -
portion of new chart

Our "Easy-View Destination Table and Payoff Chart" has these improvements:

  • larger, serifed fonts throughout for easier visual tracking
  • the Destination Table is divided into Odd / Even halves for easier look up
  • payoff cities listed in alphabetical order (no need to remember the region!)
  • there's no printing at the fold (no digits get lost / obscured in the crease!)
  • both the lower-left AND upper-right halves of the payoff triangle are included (lets you look up departure / arrival cities in either order)
  • columns of payoff values alternate bold / non-bold for easier visual tracking
  • all payoff values include either .5 or .0 to help align the columns visually
  • less empty space means bigger, easier to see digits
Print the chart yourself via the PDF file below.

We recommend heavy paper (card stock) and a quality printer (600 dpi or more).


Or, large print payoff charts: USAPAYLG.PDF (65k)

Or, extra large print payoff charts: USAPAYXL.PDF (85k)

Trouble printing USAPAY.PDF at left? We've professionally printed the improved chart on heavy paper and pre-trimmed it to fit inside your old RB box. Get yours via the board game order form.
New Deeds - Print It Yourself - - Order from Us -
RB deeds

Even if your RR deeds have not become worn or lost, you might like the replacement deeds we've designed. Each of the 28 deeds includes a map of the area served by the RR. The image above shows one of the deeds that came with the old board game, plus one of our custom replacements. The replacements fit on business card stock.

Print the deeds yourself via the PDF file below.

We recommend business card stock such as Avery 8471 and a quality printer (600 dpi or more).


Trouble printing the PDF at left? Don't have the (expensive) business card stock?

We'd be happy to make a set of the 28 deeds for you. Use the board game order form.

New Play Money - Print It Yourself - - Order from Us -
RB money

Need more play money for your game?

If only it were this easy to print the real stuff!

Print the money yourself via the PDF files below.

Best sizing results will probably be obtained if you enable "print to fit page" on your printer. You'll need a cutting table to be able to trim the printed results to a consistent size.

Color: MONEYC.PDF (550k)

Monochrome: MONEYB.PDF (1.9M)

The monochrome play money will work best if printed onto color paper.

If the PDFs are too large to download, you can obtain them via our Rail Baron® Ambassador CD, on which they are included as a free bonus.

We do not sell the play money in printed form.

Match Records Form - Print It Yourself - - Order from Us -
This simple form is handy for recording your RB game while it is in progress. Fits on a single sheet of paper


This one is easy to print yourself!

Save download time: get the PDF files above as free bonuses on the Rail Baron® Ambassador CD.

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