- Rail Baron® Ambassador CD -

  What You Get

Every RBP item
we offer, conveniently
all on one CD.


The Rail Baron® Ambassador CD is a single compact disc loaded with every RBP computer game item we offer, plus several bonuses. It includes:

  • Rail Baron® computer game, most recent version, with one pre-paid registration
  • U21 standard USA 21st Century map
  • USA classic game map
  • USR registration bonus map
  • GB2 Great Britain map
  • The SuperChief package, which contains:
    • RBUNE game map - northeastern USA
    • RBSE1 game map - southeastern USA
    • RBNYC game map - New York City
    • RBBWA game map - Baltimore/Washington Area
    • RBUS2 game map - same as USA, but with 140 railroads
    • RBEUR game map - Europe
  • RBPEdit map editor - modify computer game maps and/or create your own board games
  • Automated install program, or play directly from the CD
Notes: Use of alternate maps, the map editor or beyond 30-days requires you to register RBP with us. One pre-paid registration and instructions are included with this CD. Secondary registrations for your other devices are discounted as shown on an order form.


  Free Bonuses

Over 20 megabytes of
maps and multimedia.

No need to download.

"What a great CD! I just got
your RBP Ambassador CD
and it is awesome!
I can't stop stop playing it,
can't thank you enough! My
expectations were high and
you didn't disappoint. One
word describes the program:
WOW!" -Don H.

PDF page sample

At no extra charge, we've also loaded up the disc with:

  • RBPHP.EXE - a high-performance version of RBP.EXE that's about 25% faster, perfect for testing maps via repeated AI play

Plus more alternate game maps. You get:

  • COL map - Colorado
  • WUS map - Western US
  • IOF map - Isle of Fantasy
  • LTS map - London Underground
  • GBI map - Great Britain and Ireland
  • AIR map - "Air Baron" World map
  • LOS map - Los Angeles
  • IND map - India
  • AUS map - Australia
  • IHS map - US Interstate Highways
generic example pictures

Plus, to save you download time, the CD comes packed with over 500 small pictures and sounds to enhance your gaming experience. You get:

  • USACIS - train station pictures for USA, USR and US2 maps
  • UNERRS - railroad heralds for UNE map
  • NYCRRS - historic NYC subway and bus pictures from noted photographers
  • NYCRRS.WVS - authentic subway and bus sound recordings to match the photos
  • NYCCIS - subway station pictures from noted photographers
  • BWARRS - location photographs for BWA map
  • COLRRS - railroad heralds for COL map
  • WUSRRS - railroad logos for WUS map
  • IOFRRS - railroad logos for IOF map
  • GBIRRS - railroad heralds for GBI map
  • IHSRRS - interstate shields for IHS map

There's still more included free. This CD also contains alternate game maps in PDF format so you can print-your-own map, deeds, destination and payoff tables and then play as a board game (you will need some pieces, such as train pawns, from another board game). Includes:

  • RBAUS - Australia map by Rod Johnstone
  • RBCOL - Colorado map by Daryl Poe
  • RBGBI - Great Britain and Ireland by Jim Lomax
  • RBIOF - Isle of Fantasy by Ron Moore
  • RBU21 - USA 21st Century by ICI

You'll also get PDF versions of the replacement parts we offer:

  • USA easy-view destination and payoff chart
  • USA payoff charts in large and extra large type
  • USA deeds with maps outlining RR's route
  • play money in color and monochrome
  • match records form


  Ambassador Family    

By request of gamer families we now offer the Ambassador Family CD. At a discounted price it gets you one Ambassador CD that you can install for up to 6 family members. The 6 people need not reside at the same address. To earn the discount one person must serve as the central contract with us for all family members; this contact person sends us the RBP pre-registration numbers of the family and we supply up to 6 registration activation passcodes. Similarly all requests for support must come from the contact person. For even more savings: one Pro Support Plan can cover all 6 family members.


  How to Order    

One Ambassador CD is $120, plus shipping/handling (not available via email).

The Ambassador Family CD is $599, plus shipping/handling (not available via email).

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