How to Install Software in Microsoft Windows

Below are very detailed steps for installing our game software. We've prepared these instructions to be somewhat generic so that they might also be useful for installing other software as well. The intended audience is a novice user of Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10, 11).

Typically, there are multiple acceptable ways to install software. The instuctions below describe just one such method.

1. Download Software
Popular browser brands include Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Firefox. The exact steps for downloading software from the Internet will vary depending on the brand and version of browser you are using. Below are generic steps that will work in most browsers.
  • 1.1) Visit the web site of the software you want to download, and find the link to the download file. The link for Rail Baron® is below.
  • 1.2) Right click the download link... doing so should display a list of options, one of which is "Save Link As" or similar wording. Choose that option.
  • 1.3) Try it here with Rail Baron®: right click on RBP.ZIP and choose "Save Link As"
  • 1.4) Your browser's "Save As" window should open. Use its menus and features such as "Browse Folders", to find your way to the C:\ hard disk drive. Then click the Save or OK or similar button to save the download file into it.

    If instead your computer displays a message that you "don't have permission" or need to "contact the administrator" this means you need to restart your browser as an adminstrator:

    • 1.4.1) close the browser
    • 1.4.2) restart it as administrator, which can be done by right-clicking on the browser icon/link and choosing "Run as administrator" - if you do not see this option, search online for how to do this in your operating systen version
    • 1.4.3) return to step 1.3 above
The downloading process should begin, and you may see a progress bar and other information such as the results of an automatic virus scan.

Some computers might be set up to automatically begin an extract/unzip process upon downloading. If you observe that, jump ahead to step 2.7, otherwise proceed below.

Q. Why don't you show a screen shot here? A. The different versions of Windows each look different, and we don't want people to think they are in the wrong spot if their display is not identical to a sample screen shot. Rather than screen appearance or exact wording, strive to find the desired functionality.
2. Uncompress Download
ZIP is a popular compression format To reduce download time most downloads are provided in a compressed form, and that means you cannot put them to use until you uncompress them. Now find the downloaded file on your computer so you can uncompress it.
  • 2.1) If you see listed, click on it and jump to step 2.6 below, otherwise you need to find the you downloaded. In Windows, click the Start button; usually the Start button is found near a corner of the display.
  • 2.2) The Start menu will pop up. Look for and click "My Computer" or "Computer".
  • 2.3) Usually several devices, such as hard disk drives, CDs, DVDs, and others will be shown. Look for the one labeled C: and double click on it.
  • 2.4) Typically you'll be shown an alphabetized list. Most items in the list will be of Type File Folder. These are the already existing folders/subdirectories on your drive C:.
  • 2.5) Find your downloaded file in the list. In this case you are looking for "" or just "rbp" of Type "Compressed..." in the C:\ folder (or whatever folder you used in step 1.4). If the file Type is not displayed in the list, you can examine it by right clicking on the item and choosing Properties.
  • 2.6) If via the steps above you come upon a list that includes CP5DLL32.DLL, you are getting close: look for an "Extract all files" menu item and choose it. If you do not see CP5DLL32, instead look for the rbp compressed zip file, right click on it and choose Extract All.
Q. I don't see an Extract option. A. Some versions of Windows prior to XP were not able to handle ZIP files directly. You will need an external program such as PkUnzip or WinZip to uncompress the ZIP file. Such discussion is beyond the scope of these instructions. Visit sites such as WinZip or PkUnZip.
  • 2.7) The Extract feature activates the Windows extraction (uncompression) process. Exactly what will appear on your screen depends on your version of Windows. Proceed to where Windows displays "Files will be extracted to this directory:" or Files will be extracted to this folder:" or similar.
  • 2.8) Windows will show an extraction folder/subdirectory name such as "C:\rbp" or something like "C:\Users\myname\Downloads\rbp". If a folder by this name (rbp) does not yet exist on drive C:, Windows will create it and place inside it the uncompressed files of the download. Proceed by clicking the Next or Extract or similarly named button.
Q. Should the Rail Baron® (RBP) folder go in Program Files? A. We recommend against it. Windows Vista introduced changes that make the Program Files folder act differently and interfere with smooth operation of RBP. If you are installing some other software application and it requires being stored within the Program Files folder, manually modify the extraction location in step 2.8. For example, you might change it to C:\Program Files\newapp
Ready to Run

rbUSA Screen Shot

  • 2.9) Windows will display the contents of the folder into which you extracted the files.
  • 2.10) If you are using Windows Vista/7/8/10, to run RBP right click on rbp.exe or the rbp Application, and choose Run as Administrator. With older versions of Windows, you can simply double click on rbp.exe or the RBP Application.
  • 2.11) Enjoy!
Other applications may require you to run at step 2.10 a setup or install process. Look for items in the list named setup or install. rbp, however, does not require this, and you should ignore the install.bat you may see in its folder.

If you wish to do housecleaning, you can now delete the RBP.ZIP download from your C:\ folder. Navigate back to the C:\ folder, right click on the RBP.ZIP item and choose Delete.

Windows Vista / 7 / 8 / 10 Version of Windows newer than XP have several security-related quirks.

If you see "Windows protected your PC" this is merely Microsoft telling you it's seeing RBP on your computer for the first time. This is normal for a download. Click "More Info" and "Run Anyway" to tell Windows you want to run the game.

If RBP asks if your operating system is Windows Vista or newer, shows you a "Path/file access error", or if its help system fails to display properly, see the list of fixes.

3. Create Desktop Icon
rbp icon

If RBP's icon does not appear on your Windows desktop, create one manually:

  • 3.1) Right click on an empty area of your Desktop, and select New, Shortcut.
  • 3.2) When Windows prompts for the location of the item, enter the path to where you installed the program in step 2.8, such as C:\rbp\rbp.exe
An icon for the program should now appear on your desktop. You can double click the icon to run the program.
4. Install Game Maps
Q. Help, I don't know where to download my purchased maps. A. When you pay via Paypal to register, upon completing checkout Paypal takes you to the map download links. From there follow the directions of the next question. Or, if you missed the map download links, promptly contact us via email to tell us which maps you paid for so we can email them to you.
Maps must be installed into the same folder as your RBP program! The instructions here apply to the current version of RBP.

rbSE1 Screen Shot

As you pay and checkout via Paypal, follow the on-screen prompts to arrive at the downloads of alternate game maps for RBP. Once there, follow the detailed steps below:
  • 4.1) First determine where on your computer you have installed RBP. To do so run the game, choose its Help, About menu, and in the About window look for "Program Location". The location listed is likely to resemble "C:\rbp" or "C:\Program Files\something\etc..." Whatever that folder is, make a note of it because that is where you must place the game maps as described in the steps below.
  • 4.2) In your browser (or email viewer, if using that) right click on the map or map package name (it resembles "" or "") and choose "Save Link As" or your browser's equivalent.
  • 4.3) The "Save As" window should open. Use its menus and features such as "Browse Folders", to find your way to folder name you obtained in step 4.1 above. Then click the Save or OK or similar button to save the map file(s) into it. Avoid changing the file name, instead keep it the same as the download, such as "".
  • 4.4) Return to the RBP game. As of step 4.1 above the About window is open. Click that window's OK button to close it.
  • 4.5) Use the RBP game's File, Load Alt Map menu.
  • 4.6) In the "Load RBP Map or File" window that opens you should see the map files listed, such as "" or "". Choose any one of them and click OK. Or, if none are listed, you need to upgrade to the current version of RBP and/or redo from step 4.2 above.
  • 4.7) RBP will ask if you want it to uncompress the map. Click OK to proceed. Repeat for each map or map package you have in .zip form.
  • 4.8) After uncompression, one or more .rbm files should appear in the list, such as "usrmap.rbm" (the .zip extension has changed to .rbm). Each .rbm is a different, playable map. To view and/or play on one, choose it and click OK.

We hope these details helped you learn about software installation!

If installation problems persist, we recommend you search online for help using Windows, or ask a local friend for on-site assistance.

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Rail Baron is a registered trademark of Intersystem Concepts, Inc. The items described here are not products of The Avalon Hill Game Company or Hasbro.