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Also see other helpful FAQs: order FAQ, software FAQ, board game FAQ.

Orders / Shipments
Q. Can I order the Rail Baron® computer game as a gift for a friend or family member? A. If you send your order via mail with payment, yes. Complete a printable order form as if the order were for you, plus note on the form that it is a gift order and include the name(s) of each gift recipient. We will note in our database that you have pre-paid for the items as gifts.

If you are gifting any alternate maps, everyone in your gift group (including yourself) must be licensed for the same set of maps. So, for example, if you have the Europe map, your gift must include that map; if your gift includes a map you don't yet have, you need to order that map for yourself at the same time. If you are gifting to multiple people, the same items must be ordered and pre-paid for each gift recipient.

Q. Can I pay for gift orders via PayPal? A. Sorry, no, please send a check or money order instead with your printable order form.
Q. Do I get quantity discounts? A. Sorry, no, quantity discounts do not apply to gift orders. So, for example, each pre-paid registration of Rail Baron® software costs its full regular price. If you order extra items, such as extra game maps, the same items must be ordered and pre-paid for each gift recipient.
Q. Do you send me the game items on CD? RBP CD A. If you wish, we will send you the gift items on one CD for each recipient. This provides you with a physical item to hand to the gift recipient. Note that after installing the game, each recipient will need to contact us to claim his/her passcode for which you have pre-paid.
Q. Can you send the items on CD directly to the gift recipients? A. Yes, but only if you pay via a US Postal Money Order, and pay a separate shipping/handling fee for each gift recipient (i.e. multiply the regular shipping/handling fee as shown on an order form by the number of recipients).
Q. Can I avoid the CDs entirely, that is, make an electronic gift order? A. Yes, we can do this for software items, and it means you can omit the shipping/handling fee. We will note in our database that you have pre-paid items for the gift recipients. After we process your order, advise each gift recipient to download the Rail Baron® software from our site. Do NOT use this gift approach unless you know the recipient has sufficient computer experience to download software from the Web and install it onto his/her computer.

You must also advise the gift recipient(s) of the following: within 30 days following your order (or, for orders placed in December, by the end of the January that follows), the gift recipient must claim the items for which you have pre-paid by 1) downloading and installing RBP, and 2) sending us the pre-registration number RBP shows on his computer so that he/she can claim his/her passcode and any additional items (such as game maps). There are no refunds for items not claimed within the time period described here.

Q. What about your Rail Baron® board games? A. Since our board games are physical, not electronic items, they must be shipped.
Q. How quickly do shipments happen? A. For items shipped on CD to addresses in the USA, we must receive your order at least a week before your intended date of receipt. Allow two weeks to addresses outside the USA.

Since "electronic gift" items are not supplied on CD, they have no shipping delay. You can order them as late as the same day you want them available for the gift recipient. This is an excellent approach for last-minute gifts.

Q. Is gift wrapping available? A. Sorry, no. All Rail Baron® game items are shipped in plain envelopes.
Q. I have other questions. A. For generic order questions, see the order FAQ. for RBP software questions, see the software FAQ, for board game questions, see the board game FAQ.

If these FAQs do not answer your question email us.

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