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Orders / Shipments
Q. How do I place an order? A. You can order online and via mail. To pay with a credit/debit card, use Paypal (you do not need to join Paypal).
Q. Can I pay with Paypal? A. Yes, Paypal represents a shift to automation gamers have requested: use the RailGameFans Shopping Cart at our site. Do not use Paypal for gift orders.
Q. Can I order via email or phone? A. Not any longer: by gamer request, ordering methods have been consolidated as described above. Orders via phone can no longer be processed, so voice mail messages for such will not be returned.
Q. Is this game still available? A. Sure, that's why this site exists. You might be getting confused by Mayfair's board games that went out of print. We are not a division of Mayfair.
Q. The shopping cart isn't working for me, or I don't want to use Paypal or to download. A. The RailGameFans shopping cart is operated by Paypal who requires you to be able to use a secure Web connection (https). Most shopping cart problems can be resolved by retrying with a different or newer browser. If you are unable to get the cart working Paypal recommends you contact them directly either via https://www.paypal.com/contactus or telephone at 888-221-1161. Alternatively, you can order from us via mail.
Q. How much is the shipping/handling fee? A. You qualify for free shipping of software sent to you via email/download. Such shipping is assumed unless you include the S/H fee that applies to CDs and board games: $8 to USA addresses, $10 elsewhere.
Q. How can I avoid common errors on my order form? A. The most common mistake on orders is omitting EBP's pre-registration number; if you are not ordering a copy on CD, you should download and install your original EBP (or upgrade), get its pre-reg number from the game's Help menu of the device on which you want to use this registration, then include that number with your order.
Q. What happens if I omit my pre-registration number? A. Without the pre-registration number the game displays on your device (Help, Registration Numbers menu) we cannot generate and provide your proper activation passcode, and that causes delay. All current-version pre-registration numbers begin with the digit 2. Unclaimed registrations expire after 30 days. The only common reason you would not be able to provide the pre-registration number when you order is because you have not downloaded and installed the game, and are instead ordering a copy of it on CD. If you order both EBP and EBPEdit note they have different pre-registration numbers so please tell us both.
Q. How do I tell you my pre-registration number(s)? A. At the Paypal Shopping Cart enter it in the box that is near the "Add to Cart" button, or if using conventional mail write it on the form. If you remember too late, email it to us.
Q. After registering, how do I get my activation passcode? A. When paying to register, run the trial copy of EBP on the device on which you want to play, use the program's Help, Registration Numbers pull-down menu, and send us the pre-registration number it displays. For fastest service, include this pre-registration number with your order. You have 30 days after paying to claim your passcode. We are unable to supply your passcode before you send us your pre-registration number.
Q. What happens if I supply a pre-registration number from an older version? A. New customers may not register older versions, so that will delay processing of your order. Current customers can register an older version only by ordering via conventional mail.
Q. I have a question before ordering. A. All common questions are answered in our helpful FAQs like this one or the EBP tech FAQ, EBP play FAQ, board game FAQ, gift FAQ . For other questions you can email us. If you prefer live, interactive support via telephone, you can pre-pay for a Game Consultation.
Q. How do I get EBP and/or maps on CD? A. If you want the items on CD, send your order by mail and include the shipping/handling fee as shown on our order form (usually $8). Within 30 days of receipt of an EBP CD, install the game onto the device on which you want to use it and send us the pre-registration number the game shows; we will reply with your activation passcode.
Q. I want to register EBP and get it on CD. How much is the total? A. The registration fee is $35, then add the shipping/handling fee shown on an order form (usually $8). It's quicker to instead download it from our site. If you register more than one device, we'll send you one CD per full-price registration.
Q. How long does my registration last? A. A registration is good for the life of the hardware of the device on which you installed it. Hardware or operating system version modifications to that device may cause loss of the registration.
Q. Can I order a map package without EBP? A. No, since gamers requested pricing simplicity, all packages now include an EBP registration. For best pricing, order the maps you wish with your initial EBP registration.
Q. Which maps come with the SuperExpress package? A. The alternate maps page has the details as well as a table showing which maps come in which discounted packages.
Q. I want to register EBP on my second computer/laptop/tablet. A. If you are currently a registered user, or are initially registering a copy at full price, you can order a discounted secondary registration for just $20. Note that non-full-price registrations do not qualify for a free recovery passcode.
Q. I got a new computer after discarding the old one with my game maps. A. If you need fresh copies of the maps for which you had paid in the past, for one $20 fee you can get the latest versions of all those maps: order a Map Refresh.
Q. What about versions / upgrading? A. Upgrade to the current version and verify it operates as you wish before sending us the pre-registration number it displays on the device on which you want to use this registration. Do not change EBP versions between when you obtain the pre-registration number and when you enter the passcode we supply you. If you do by mistake, run the version of EBP from which you had obtained the pre-registration number you sent us and enter the passcode into it. If you used the automated upgrade, you will find the older version(s) of EBP.EXE renamed with a version number (such as EBP158.EXE) in the same folder as the current EBP. If you do not have the older version, you can order a secondary registration (discounted price, see an order form) for the current version.
Q. What is the EBP Ultra Family? A. By request of gamer families we now offer the Ultra Family. At a discounted price it gets you EBP registrations with the Ultra Package for up to 6 family members. The 6 people need not reside at the same address. To earn this discount one person must serve as the central contract with us for all family members; this contact person sends us the EBP pre-registration numbers of the family and we supply up to 6 registration passcodes. Similarly all requests for support must come from the contact person. For even more savings: one Pro Support Plan can cover all 6 family members.
Q. Do you sell copies of Empire Builder®, Eurorails or other board games in the series? A. No, but you can find those board games at hobby shops, Amazon, and eBay.
Q. I ordered via Paypal but did not receive my items. A. If you did not receive the order receipt from Paypal, Paypal recommends you contact them directly either via https://www.paypal.com/contactus or telephone at 888-221-1161. Otherwise, if you are still missing an ordered item, that is because you have not downloaded/installed it. If you have trouble downloading, it is essential you email us directly and describe the issue. Avoid via Paypal instead challenging your order because Paypal does not forward your message to us, meaning we will be left unable to assist you. Kindly note free telephone support is not available, so voice messages will not be returned unless you have already paid for a live consultation. Many install problems can be solved via the EBP tech FAQ.
Q. Oops, my check bounced or I did a chargeback/challenge. A. That invalidates your registration, but we can get you back on track if you pay via a postal money order any missing amount plus a $50 service fee to defray expenses. This also applies if you used Paypal and Paypal withholds or takes back all or any portion of your funds beyond their standard processing fee. If such happens, orders we receive from you before payment of the service fee as described above will not be processed. To help avoid this trouble if you have payment concerns, always contact us directly via email or mail rather than Paypal.
Q. Oops, I sent a payment other than as advised. A. Each such payment is likely to cause delays and is subject to a $20 service fee.
Q. Can I get EB Pronto™ emailed to me? A. We do not send executable game software via email because many systems reject such attachments. To get executable software, download from these pages: EB Pronto, and EBPEdit.
Q. How long until I get my items? A. The quickest way is to order via Paypal; most such items are received within 24 hours. The slowest way is to order via conventional mail with payment via check or money order, and request your items be shipped via conventional mail; allow roughly 3 weeks to get your items.
Q. What is your return / refund policy? A. Returns for a refund (less shipping/handling and outside USA fee, if any) are permitted upon your request before your activation passcode is supplied; we must receive such refund request along with any associated physical items (such as CDs) within 30 days of processing your order. No refunds are permitted after your activation passcode has been sent. Prior to placing your order, we encourage you to take advantage of the software's free trial period to determine if it works acceptably for you.
Q. Do you accept orders from outside the USA? A. Many companies won't sell to foreign customers because it is more expensive to do so (added complications, bank fees, etc.). We will accept orders from, or intended for use, outside the USA if you are willing to pay a 10% surcharge. For Paypal orders this fee is incorporated as a Shipping cost. This fee is non-refundable. Payments should be made in US dollars. You remain liable for any import duties of your country.
Q. What about my personal information? A. We ask your permission to save Your Personal Data, including name, addresses, telephone numbers, dates, payment information, and software data for the purpose of providing Items offered for sale at RailGameFans.com, and related services, to you. Do not order from us unless you agree that by ordering you are providing said permission. We may keep Your Personal Data for as long as Items are in regular use anywhere by anyone. Upon receipt of your request to do so we will delete Your Personal Data; such a request terminates your registration of the Items, and means 1) you will no longer be entitled to use software Items, 2) you must delete all your copies of any software Items, and 3) you will no longer be entitled to receive related services from us.

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