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Items Quan. Unit Price Ext. Price
EB Pronto (EBP) registration   $35  
  Game maps (list names):

  16 each  
  EBPEdit map editor registration
Express Package ebEU4+ebAU2   61 includes EBP registration  
SuperExpress's 5 maps   95 includes EBP registration  
Boardgamer Special's 10 maps   135 includes EBP registration  
Ultra Package's 20 maps   175 includes EBP registration  
Ultra Family EBP w/Ultra Pkg for 6   799 includes 6 EBP registrations  
EBP upgrade to newer version   20 (for registered users of a prior ver)  
EBP recovery or secondary copy   20 (copies for your other devices)  
Amount from Services Order Form      

Total Number of Items




All orders outside USA: add 10% (to defray taxes, paperwork, added support, etc.)


S&H: if e-mailed $0; otherwise sent on CD for $8 inside USA, $10 elsewhere


Maryland residents please add sales tax


Grand Total


IMPORTANT: Avoid delays by including your pre-registration number(s) here (available from the Help menu in your trial copy of the program;
always starts with digit 2): _________________________ _________________________

Make checks and money orders payable to "Intersystem Concepts, Inc."

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