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Create a playable, fun map in as little as one hour!

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Create your own Empire Builder® game maps!

With the EBPEdit map editor you'll quickly design new game maps playable on your computer with EB Pronto or to print and play as a board game. Screen shot

There's no need to create the whole game, you simply name your cities, terrain, loads, contracts and events! It's just point and click to edit the map. Then enter contract demands, or ask the editor to automatically generate good ones that you can tweak if desired.

Editing features include:

  • Mileposts: normal, hidden, mountain, alpine, city, desert, swamp, water, tunnel, jungle, forest and xspot
  • Draw: rivers, ferries, ocean coastline, volcanoes, borders, and barriers
  • Contracts: edit individually, as a group, or text import from other sources
  • Set all payoffs with different weighting for distance and build cost, plus random variance
  • Events: Derailment, Earthquake, Fog, Shortage, Snow, Storms, Strikes, Meteor Strikes, Revolution, Special Demands, Tax, Congress, more
  • Locomotives: create up to 10 locomotives with custom speed and load carrying
EUR icons Display features include:
  • full color transparent icons for loads and events
  • background image import (JPG, GIF or BMP)
  • set colors and fonts as you prefer
Report features include:
  • city supply and value
  • load demand, availability and value
  • milepost statistics
  • Rail Corridors: shows the most popular places to build, based on supply and demand
  • impossible contracts: % for which build cannot be afforded on starting cash
Utility features include:
    click to enlarge EUR print
  • find best trip for any set of demand cards
  • find best starting city for any set of demand cards
  • copy, paste, move, find
  • check map for errors
  • auto download and install program updates
Printing features include: Then, playtest your map via EB Pronto:
  • watch as the AI bots play your map against themselves, see which routes they like best
  • run EBP in Continuous Mode overnight, the fast bots can play millions of turns and show you the stats
  • tweak your map with the editor to refine it
  • play vs. the AI bots yourself and see if you can beat them on your own map
  • if desired, print your map and play it with your board gaming buddies

EBPEdit Download

HW&SW Required:

"Wintel" computer

800 x 600 display resolution minimum in 16-bit or more color

32M or more RAM available

mouse or pointing device

Microsoft Windows 98 or compatible (NT4, ME, 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10, etc.)

You can try EBPEdit at no charge for 30 days. Continued use of the program beyond the trial period requires registration ($20).

EBPEdit.ZIP (approx. 1.3M; 3.5M after installation)
EASY INSTALL Experienced computer users can simply unzip the download file into the subdirectory containing EBP or into a new subdirectory, and run EBPEdit.EXE.

Or, see the detailed install instructions.

After installing, to run the program, click on the program's icon on your desktop, or find EBPEdit in the Windows list of "All Programs". For other basic information, view the README-E.TXT file.

DESKTOP ICON EBPEdit icon If the program's icon does not appear on your Windows desktop, create one manually: right click on an empty area of your Desktop, and select New, Shortcut. When Windows prompts for the location of the item, enter the path to where you installed the program, such as C:\EBP\EBPEDIT.EXE
REGISTRATION BENEFITS EBPEdit's registration fee is $20. Registration entitles you to the following benefits:
MISSING DLL In the rare event that Windows reports a missing DLL or component when you attempt to run EBPEdit, do the following:
  • 1) download VBRUN60.EXE (approx. 1000k)
  • 2) run the downloaded copy of VBRUN60.EXE and answer Yes when asked "Would you like to install the Visual Basic 6.0 run time files?"


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