Rail Baron® Computer Game
Strategy Train Game Features
Game Basics

Rail Baron Screen Shot

  • Rail Baron® computer version for 2 to 6 players
  • Play on a wide variety of game maps
  • Play vs. AI (bots), others at your computer, others at remote computers (online) live or via email
  • Fast: humans can complete a match in under 10 minutes
  • Fast: AI can complete a match in less than 1 second
  • Adjustable AI skill level means bots can both gently teach beginners yet challenge game experts
  • Hall of Fame logs the top scoring matches
  • Fun on both computers and tablets (Windows 98, XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10), and Windows 10 smartphones
  • RBP also runs under Linux via Wine, or on a Mac via Parallels or Vmware Fusion
  • iPad/iOS and Android devices via Windows Access
  • Designed by a top-ranked RB board game player and tournament champion
  • Quality expected by elite strategy game players
Social gaming:
Online and
Home Network
  • Play online at your option for fresh, live competition beyond the AI bots
  • Just connect with a friend via the Internet and play (no need for a special server)
  • Play locally via your home network (router) too
  • Up to 6 online players can participate in the same match
  • Send text messages to one or all players
  • Auto-reconnect and resume in case connection drops
  • Requires no "virtual currency" purchase to facilitate play
Play by email
  • Enjoy the game vs. anyone with a copy of RBP and email service
  • Automates the Pbem process for up to 6 players per match
  • Emails the match to the next player so they can take their turn
  • Review shows a player all purchases since their last turn
  • Scrollable banter box records comments from each participant
  • Automove moves train for a player, reducing number of emails
  • Nudge feature gently reminds a slow player to take his turn
  • Remail feature recovers in case an email is lost
  • Notify feature tells you who most recently took a turn
  • Moderator feature lets designated person monitor matches, such as for a tournament
  • Self-test checks for compatible SMTP email service
  • Allows you to participate in multiple Pbem matches concurrently
User Interface
  • Employs a standard Windows user interface for familiarity and ease of use
  • Touch-screen enabled on devices like tablets/pads running Windows: no keyboard, mouse, or stylus needed
  • Run full-screen or in a resizable window
  • Zoom and scroll map
  • Thumbnail "mini-map" for easier zooming
  • Full color game maps
  • Mouse over cities to see names and images
  • Ask the AI to suggest a good route or RR purchase for you
  • Scrollable game history automatically logs all match activity
  • Essential info of all players is displayed in scrollable window
  • Player cash displayed upon announcing
  • Point and click to move train or buy RRs
  • Automove moves your train to your next destination
(enable or disable
at your option)
  • Backtracking - reuse a prior route before next destination arrival
  • Bonus time - choose when bonus roll is determined
  • Bounce out - enable or disable exiting destination via bonus
  • Home city choice - RBP picks your starting region, but you pick the city
  • Home swap - exchange home city and first destination
  • Manual dice - enter movement dice rolls by hand
  • Pay before purchase - require rail use fees be paid before buying a railroad
  • Randomize / reprice railroads for a fresh challenge (tough to beat AI bots!)
  • Ride own railroads free - no use fee when your train moves on tracks you own
  • Rovering - allow or disallow chase/capture of declared player's train
  • Secret cash - keep each player's cash secret until he/she announces
  • Selling - permit or disallow players to raise needed cash without an auction
  • Start match with any type of engine
  • Superchief custom pricing, including popular "free Superchief" option
  • Choose AI play style and skill level
  • Change money settings for starting cash, winning cash, track rentals, rover fee, etc.
  • Scenario editor lets you set starting RR ownership, train locations, etc. then test run
  • Print the map, with player railroad networks, for match recordkeeping (large 4.2m PDF sample)
  • Reports of city and railroad data
  • Graphs of history of player cash and net worth during match
  • Player statistics: cash, net worth, city access %, monopoly %, railroad cost, payoffs collected, average payoff, use fees paid, use fees collected
  • More player stats: number of arrivals, number of unfriendly destinations, avg rolls by engine type, route efficiency, destination list, trip length, income by RR, and more
  • AI stats: avg rounds per match, winning percentages by AI style / skill / turn order, avg income by RR, RRs most often owned by winner, number of rover plays, and more
  • Most reports can be printed, or copied to the clipboard
  • Choose the text font and size your eyes prefer
  • Show or hide graphical map background
  • Adjust sizes of map / text display areas
  • Many display personalization features: helpful to users with limited vision
  • Choose map zooming direction of mouse wheel
  • Turn automatic map zooming, train animation, sound effects on/off
  • Text-to-speech reads game contents aloud
  • Supports: Windows mouse settings, keyboard remapping, third-party input devices, macros, difficulty settings, save points, assists, speed settings, color-blind options, training levels, and more per AbleGamers.com
Web Enabled
(use at your option)
  • Save games to and open from online (cloud) storage via FTP
  • Play live online vs. others
  • Play by email vs. others
  • Employ online images as avatars
  • Download saved games directly from web site links
  • Browse this web site to view what's new
  • Automated download and install of game updates
  • Internet connection not required for other features, i.e. you can play offline too
Map Editor
  • Modify or create maps with the RBPEdit map editor
  • Add new railroads and destinations to an existing RBP game map
  • Change city and region probabilities
  • Adjust railroad prices, names and colors as you see fit
  • Add, remove and reposition milepost dots
  • Modify trip payoffs, or generate entire payoff chart automatically
  • Change railroad intersections and connections
  • Draw a map and region outlines via Xgraphics™
  • Build an entirely new map from scratch
  • Create helpful information files to accompany your map
  • Print your map as a board game (subject to printer and Windows limitations)
Modern Tech
  • Cloud storage (optional): pause match on one device, easily resume it on another
  • Fully tablet-compatible: fingertip touch control of all game elements
  • Ultra-high resolution display support, including 8K UHD 7680 x 4320
  • Quantum randomness (optional): truly random, non-deterministic simulated dice rolls
  • Play live online with your friends, plus the hottest thing in e-gaming: spectators (optional)
  • Groups can play via your home network, without dependence on a third-party game server
  • Play on your smartphone (requires Windows 10, remote desktop, or emulator for iOS and Android)
  • Concurrent use of multi-core processors for high performance
  • Free updates installed automatically
Old-School Quality
  • Pull-down menu operation, no intuition/guesswork needed
  • Usability: form follows function
  • In-game context-sensitive help
  • Evolutionary upgrades, no jarring changes that require mass relearning
  • Upgrades upwardly compatible with content of prior versions
  • Sustainable: upwardly compatible for over 25 years, no game has a longer record
  • Tech support from USA-based staff
  • Prompt repair of any repeatable problem in current version
What RBP Is Not
  • Not sluggish: from RBP start to game play takes less than 5 seconds on most devices
  • Not bloatware: compact, efficient design makes things easy on you and your device
  • Not scamware: no in-game purchases needed to facilitate game play
  • Not an FPS (first-person-shooter) game, This Game Is Not A Toy
  • No awkward, clueless, help-devoid user interface
  • No subscription needed to continue play
  • No advertisements to interrupt play
  • No credit card needed for free 30-day trial
  • For your privacy none of the user tracking, such as Flurry, often hidden in iOS and Android apps
  • Registration costs about the same as one board game, yet RBP does so much more
  • Thousands of users have played millions of matches
  • Board Game Conductor does all the table lookups when you play the board game
  • Find a route of X distance between any two cities
  • Set up AI-only match, played repeatedly to gather statistics and analyze maps and strategies
  • Sum stats from multiple instances running on multi-core computer
  • Fast AI stat collection: can run over 10 million game rounds per day on a quad-core computer
  • Compresses saved game files to minimize their storage space
  • Context-sensitive help system supplied in both WinHelp HLP and HTML formats
  • Free upgrades for the life of your device
  • Ours is the only Rail Baron game approved by the Avalon Hill Game Company

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Rail Baron is an internationally registered trademark of Intersystem Concepts, Inc. Xgraphics and This Game Is Not A Toy are trademarks of Intersystem Concepts, Inc. The Rail Baron computer game is not a product of the Avalon Hill Game Company or Hasbro.